Sometimes overlooked, never undervalued.

The tools I use

27 April 2016

While most tools could be better, a few are almost perfect. Here are the tools I’m using all the time.

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5 February 2016

Most everyone is drawn to potted wisdom, and I’m no different.

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A new place to work

25 January 2016

The Forge

A new year, a new place to work. I’m here at the brand new/old Forge in Colston Yard. Come. Find me.

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Going home for the holidays

4 January 2016

When I go home for the holidays I find all kinds of gems amongst my parents’ books. Being relaxed for the holidays makes enjoying looking a little easier.

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Goodbye Rdio

20 November 2015

“It gleamed with a well-considered uncomplicatedness that I’ve come to recognize as the residue of good design.”

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