Sometimes overlooked, never undervalued.

Ride or DIY

3 November 2016

Ride or DIY

Some opportunity for recklessness awaits. But the grass needs mowing. Ride or DIY is my new t-shirt now up on Cotton Bureau

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26 September 2016

Signposting in America is very different from in Europe, embracing nostalgia, whimsy and decoration where the Europeans opt for pragmatism and legibility.

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Big Rock Candy Mountain Part II

18 May 2016

Big Rock Candy Mountain

The Big Rock Candy Mountain is an easy mountain to climb. This t-shirt is for fans of old-timey music, the Coen Brothers or just bubble gum. Any way you like it, the BRCM gives back with interest.

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50 point plan

10 May 2016

My current favourite thing. Well worth the watch. Digest and remember this shit forever.

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