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Dieter Rams

18 March 2015

“I’m bothered by the arbitrariness and the thoughtlessness with which many things are produced and brought to the market.”

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YourStreet Gift Cards ad

13 March 2015

Long-time clients YourStreet Gift Cards have put together a lovely video with Band Films to promote the YourStreet scheme.

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18 January 2015

Benji Fear Fun

Two completely different ends of the existential scale, Benji and Fear Fun are also my two favourite albums from the last 12 months

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Matthew E.

13 January 2015

New song from Matthew E. White, with video by my ol’ pal Travis Robertson

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Robert Hunter

12 January 2015

Rob Hunter Lucid Dreaming The Guardian

My friend Rob has been making some incredible work recently. I mean, damn.

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