5th December 2016

Hello there!
You've found the blog but unfortunately you've missed the party. I'm not currently writing much in the way of blog posts anymore. Most of my current activities/thoughts/influences can now be found in my newsletter Old Gold. Please take a look!

A few years ago I built a website called Boy oh boy! It was a social media site for me and my friends where we could simply post things we love, find inspiring or find annoying. One of the first things I posted (filed ‘Inspiring’ (obvs)) was Talking Heads performing Life During Wartime from Stop Making Sense. It’s pretty much perfect. In so many ways.

Anyway, it’s currently my 6 year old’s favourite song (and video) and she is routinely asking to watch it rather than a CBeebies bedtime story before bed. I oblige of course because, as I said, it’s pretty much perfect.

Last week, after watching the video for the gazillionth time she made the sage observation that just because David Byrne’s dancing was weird it didn’t mean he wasn’t a good dancer. In fact, he was an excellent dancer. We then talked a bit about how having fun is really all that matters when dancing. I just thought it was lovely that she noticed how perfect that part of the performance was too. Here are some of the things my 6yo and I agree are perfect about this video, and therefore reasons for you to watch it if you haven’t already:

  • The ensemble. So many performers, all so awesome
  • The energy. My goodness. Seriously. Playing an instrument while running on the spot. Jeeeesh.
  • The aforementioned dance moves of David Byrne.
  • The song itself, obvs
  • The guitarists’ karate kicks
  • The backing singers vibing off each other
  • The bit where he suddenly lowers the microphone, and the bit where he lies on the floor
  • The bit where he runs around the stage
  • The bit at the end where he asks “Does anybody have any questions?”