Side project

Lettering, ideas and illustrations

Letterforms are a passion for me. They’re the bedrock of everything I design whether it’s a website or some hand lettering for a tshirt. Here are some pieces I’ve worked on for various side projects. Some designs have found homes on tshirts, some simply Instagram. There’s some rough stuff here folks – just how I like it

One of my favourite Carter Family songs. Every good thing in this world comes about because of love. We need more of it!
Henry David Thoreau – philosopher, writer, vegetarian, pacifist, bean-grower, and Walden pond’s most famous resident. He’s pretty great, and what better way to honour his most famous work than with a T-shirt?
So much in the world to feel mutinous about, and very hard to know what to do to help overthrow any number of rotten captains. I choose design as a way of showing my disgust.
Folklorist John Cohen referred to Roscoe Holcomb's music as "That High Lonesome Sound". It's a great expression to describe old-timey mountain music, some of my favourite music around.
Another great country phrase. Has to be a t-shirt really.
From the all-conquering Talking Heads via some Italian stone type inspiration
Inspired by Matthew E White's song of the same title
Love me some Ursula Le Guin. Playing about with some calligraphy pens
A design for our time. For the seasoned, polite protestor. The culturally-minded anarchist. The loner living by the pond.
Make it quick and dirty. Any way you can.
A bit of Jack London on your tee.
"There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke". Ishmael in Moby Dick
You can read more about this here
Developed this quick little mono-line typeface to use on some pins I've designed
N E W Have been wanting to illustrate the song Dark was The Night, Cold Was the Ground. So built myself a typeface. Well, more an uppercase alphabet. Very much a work in progress, but has some good energies I think
An unused typographic illustration for Triodos Bank's 2017 annual meeting.
A sweet slice of hobo heaven! Released via Cottonbureau
Life's burning question. Released via Cottonbureau
A t-shirt for all self-respecting disgruntleds. Released via Cotton Bureau
Illustrating a Jack White song
Donald Trump. Believe the bombastic nonsense
A logo for an art exhibition of my small works on paper, May 2017
Everybody loves a Bud.
Logo for our family home in Wales
Do It Yourself. I've always done everything myself. I like getting my hands into every part of a project. Plus I like traditional DIY.