Make something good.

Have fun. Trust in the gut.

Photo by T.J. Huff somewhere off Liguria, Italy

Chesapeake is the multidisciplinary design and development studio of David Abbott working in graphic design, website design and development as well as my own personal projects. My work is ideas-driven and visually spare, bold and simple.

I have always enjoyed how things work as much as how they look. I like to do the making as well as the visualising and it’s why I’m a designer and a developer. I guess it’s relatively unusual to do both, but it seems to me it should be more commonplace. Being a generalist is a great thing.

Other projects

Fast and Steady is the home for all my custom lettering. I write a regular email newsletter called Old Gold focused on design and music with a little oddball thrown in for good measure. I studied art at university in Virginia, and printmaking here in Bristol. I cofounded Snap, a printmaking cooperative, shop and gallery. Bits of current art making practice can be found at I love typography, the sea and folk songs and sometimes write about these things over on my blog Signal & Noise. And finally, Document is a personal project mapping internal landscapes through photographs.

Studio mates

I work out of The Forge. It’s jam-packed with lovely, creative people. If you’re in Bristol you should come and say howdy.


This website currently uses Mallory by Frere-Jones Type and Tiempos by Klim Type Foundry.