Make something good.

Keep it fun. Trust in the gut.


Chesapeake is the multidisciplinary art and design studio of David Abbott working in graphic design, branding, lettering and typography, website design and development as well as my own personal projects. My work naturally varies from project to project but is always spare, bold and simple. I write a monthly email newsletter called Old Gold focusing on design, music and oddball miscellany.

Design from art

I work primarily with creatives. I’m talking artists, galleries, arts organisations, writers, architects, restaurateurs. I come from an art background myself so have plenty of experience to draw upon when working with other creatives.

My approach involves a lot of listening. Getting to know you, your story, your ideas. I then make the simplest, most direct thing to give these ideas their best showing.

I studied art at university in Virginia, and printmaking here in Bristol. I co-founded Snap, a printmaking cooperative, shop and gallery and started Chesapeake in the spring of 2009. I live, love and work in Bristol. Everything I make is fuelled by music. I love typography, the sea and old-time music and sometimes write about these things over on my blog Signal and Noise.

Studio mates

I work out of The Forge. It’s jam-packed with lovely, creative people. I share my work days with Jo RoyleLizzie Everard, and Scott Suttey.