Graham Rivers Architect

A responsive website for a small, dynamic team of architects

It’s true – in a previous life I was an architect. I always wanted to be an architect, but was convinced (somewhere along the way) that I didn’t have the maths for it. Oh well. Next best thing is working with architects! I have worked with Graham Rivers Architects on a number of small projects over the last few years, and was very excited to be asked to redesign their site.

We wanted to go big with both imagery and text. The previous site was hurting for some good, large photographs. Luckily, many of their projects had been rephotographed and I had some great stuff to work with. A simple use of tags makes projects easy to categorise and cross-reference. The site is responsive and maintains the same sense of space and elegance you get on a desktop on mobile devices. I like to think it’s the great job I did on this site that gets me invited to Graham’s Christmas lunch every year.

What I did
Design and Build